The page title for each of your website’s pages is an entry point to your site. It’s the first thing readers see after they’ve searched something through a search engine. These titles communicate what your customers can expect to find on your page.

So here’s what’s important when writing page titles.

Relevancy to page content

Page titles should be descriptive – that is, a page title must describe the content of the page it’s describing. If your page is about the services your business offers, you’d opt to name the page title ‘What We Do’ or ‘Services’ (instead of ‘Things To Help You’).

Length of page titles

The page title for each for your pages should be no longer than 60 characters long – this includes the spaces between the words. For example, ‘Shuttle Rocket | Small Business Copywriting’ is 43 characters long.

Keyword placement

A keyword is a word or a phrase that your target audience is most likely to type into a search engine to find your business. The most important keywords that support your content should be placed at the beginning of your page title. If you are working in a language that reads right-to-left, then make sure you reflect this in the page title.

Keyword separation

It’s important to separate keyword phrases. Pipes ( | ) must be used instead of commas, underscores, dashes or any other punctuation marks (unless the keyword is written that way). Create a pipe by holding down the ‘Shift’ key and pressing the backward slash key (above ‘Enter’). For example, ‘About | Shuttle Rocket | Small Business Copywriting’ (BTW, this is 51 characters long).

Company name

For your homepage, put your business name first – ‘Shuttle Rocket | Small Business Copywriting’. But for other pages, like your ‘About’ or ‘Contact’ or ‘Services’ pages, put your business name second to these – ‘Contact | Shuttle Rocket | Small Business Copywriting’ (BTW, this is 53 characters long).

Never duplicate page titles

Every page must contain a different page title – never replicate page titles across pages. This is because part of the search optimisation process favours original content. Making your page titles unique will help your site rank better on search engine results, such as in Google.

When you purchase web copy from Shuttle Rocket, we create useful, SEO-loaded page titles and other metadata to help your website’s search ranking. For quick turnaround, no-stress small business copywriting, contact Shuttle Rocket today.