‘White labelling’ refers to the outsourcing of content creation to a freelancer or specialist agency. They act as a subcontractor and create the content to the brief of your project. You can then on-sell it to your client as your own.

So, what type of content can be white labelled? Depending on the skill set of your sub-contractor, almost all digital content can be white labelled. Common types of white label content include:

  • blog articles
  • website copy
  • E-Brochure’s
  • newsletters and Electronically Delivered Mail (EDM).

If you’ve picked up a project that has deliverables beyond your scope, budget or skill set, then white label copywriting can be an immediate and ongoing solution for you.

What are the benefits to your agency?

It can help your budget

If your budget won’t allow for in-house content writer, or you already have your content team stretched to their limit, there are real cost benefits in outsourcing your copy. Why?

  • because you can add to your service offering without having to invest in a full-time team member
  • because you pay a flat rate, you can mark-up on the baseline cost when quoting your project, doubling the cost benefit.
  • it can leave you with more money to re-invest in your agency or project.

It can create more time

Specialist copywriters are experts in their craft. Their sole focus is content creation and they get the job done faster. They don’t have to divide their focus across multiple content outcomes of a project. Having your content delivered on time and on brief leaves you with more time to invest into better project outcomes.

It can give you consistency

When you connect with a quality white label copywriting agency, they will deliver consistency in your content output, as opposed to working with dozens of different freelancers, all with different writing styles and capabilities. They will write your content to a specific style guide and ensure the grammar, structure, tone and voice is watertight. This cuts back on your content team having to spend hours editing and reviewing the work. Not having to worry about this can give you more time to focus on what you’re good at.

It can boost your staff retention

When the project pressures get high, it’s tempting to stretch your sole content writer, or small content team beyond their capacity. But this will reduce their ability to produce quality work, and often leads to burnout and high turnover. When you consider that each staff turnover can cost you 33% of that employee’s annual salary, the impact this has on your business should never be underestimated.

Engaging a professional copywriter that has time to produce quality on-brief copy can ensure a better result for your client. Your hardworking content team can now focus on more important tasks, such as content strategy, client engagement, and refining their higher value outputs.

How to engage a white label content agency

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