Picture one of your friends. What makes them memorable to you? Is it how they speak, the hand gestures they use, or how you communicate with them? Or maybe it’s just a vibe they have. You’d probably be able to recognise them in an instant.

This is what tone of voice is – it’s the way your brand communicates with the world around you that makes it unique.

While big brands like Coca Cola and Nike have a distinct tone of voice, what’s the value in having one for your small business? Better yet, how do you develop one? Let’s dive in.

It builds trust and credibility with your audience

According to a PwC survey, one in three consumers ranked ‘trust in brand’ among the top factors that influence their buying decisions. When you develop a tone of voice, it shows that there are real people behind your business, helping to increase the trust and credibility factor with your audience.

Audiences and customers will start to think of you as that friend we mentioned earlier. By making your brand relatable and injecting your values and personality into how you communicate, your brand will become more polished and have that human factor.

It can give you the leg up on your competitors

If you’re a local plumber, for example, how can you make yourself stand out from the other plumbers in your area? A little bit of personality can go a long way. For example, if your plumbing company has a subtle sense of ‘toilet humour’ injected into its communications, you’re more likely to be memorable than your competitors.

A well thought-out and consistent tone of voice can have serious stick factor if you’re trying to break out from the crowd.

It can help you target your audience more effectively

When it comes to communicating with your desired target audience, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. If you have your eyes set on a certain target market, a tone of voice can really help to grab their attention.

For example, say you’re a fashion designer targeting teens. Adopting a youthful, on-trend and lively tone of voice will help to speak directly to your intended target audience.

How to develop a tone of voice for your small business

Just because you may not have a mega budget for your content marketing, doesn’t mean you can’t develop a sharp tone of voice for your brand. Some good places to begin are:

  • Figure out what values are at the core of your business. Think about words you’d use to describe a friend, like ‘cheeky, trustworthy, informative, supportive,’ etc., and which ones you want to apply to your business.
  • Have a clear picture of what language you would use. No, we don’t mean whether it’s English or French. We mean the type of language you use to talk to clients – is it casual like between friends, or more formal like between business colleagues?

Bring some help on board

Struggling to find the time to pull together a tone of voice? Here at Shuttle Rocket, our team of copywriters have helped many small businesses find their voice and connect with their audiences in unique ways. Get in touch with us today to see how we can launch your brand’s tone of voice into the stratosphere.